MiniZinc Python

MiniZinc Python provides a native python interface for the MiniZinc toolchain. The package can interface with MiniZinc using the command line interface, the minizinc executable. The main goal of this library is to allow users to use all of MiniZinc’s capabilities directly from Python. This allows you to use MiniZinc in your application, but also enables you to use MiniZinc in new ways! Using MiniZinc in a procedural language allows you to use incremental solving techniques that can be used to implement different kinds of meta-heuristics.


The development of MiniZinc Python is still in its early stages. Although the module is fully supported and the functionality is stabilising, we will not guarantee that changes made before version 1.0 are backwards compatible. Similarly, the functionality of this module is closely connected to the releases of the main MiniZinc bundle. An update to this module might require an update to your MiniZinc installation.

Once the project reaches version 1.0, it will abide by Semantic Versioning. All (breaking) changes are recorded in the changelog.

API Reference

If you are looking for information on a specific function, class, or method, this part of the documentation is for you.


All changes made to this project are recorded in the changelog.